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2019-01-10 NA Storm Boy HD

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Storm Boy

Storm Boy Film Online Magyarul When a highly successful retired businessman, Michael Kingley, starts to see things he at first can’t explain, his life takes a dramatic turn. And when his grand-daughter rebels against her father, he is forced to re-evaluate his life and to act to prevent her going down a similar path to one he took years before. He tells her his story, when as a boy he lived a lonely existence with his father, Hideaway Tom, on an isolated coastline and how a bond with an orphaned pelican, Mr. Percival, changed his life forever.

  • Kiadási dátum: 2019-01-10
  • Clasificación: 6
  • Termelés: Best FX Adelaide / Ambience Entertainment /
  • Műfaj: Drama Family

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Storm Boy
Storm Boy

Filmrendező és csapat mögött. Storm Boy

  • Shawn Seet
  • Justin Monjo
  • Colin Thiele
  • Alan John
  • Bruce Young
    Director of Photography
  • Denise Haratzis

Megjelenési dátum:
AU 2019-01-10

Film költségvetés:

Wiki oldal:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storm Boy

Storm Boy – Filmesek és színészek

Storm Boy

Geoffrey Rush
Mike ‘Storm Boy’ Kingley
Storm Boy

Jai Courtney
Hideaway Tom
Storm Boy

Erik Thomson
Malcolm Downer
Storm Boy

Morgana Davies
Storm Boy

Finn Little
Storm Boy
Storm Boy

Simone Annan
Murujuga Lawyer

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